23 April 2010

Contoh Roleplay Bahasa Inggris by Adi Prasetyo

One day in Gombong International hospital there are patient was ask of the schedule of Dr. Agus to the Nurse in admission room…

P : Good morning,
N : Good morning sir, sit down please…!
P : Oke, thanks
N : What is your name sir,,,?
P : My name is Adi Prasetyo
N : How can I address u ?
P : Please call me Adi.
N : Oke Mr. Adi, What can I do for you ?
P : I will meet Dr. Agus. What time I can meet him?
N : Owh,,,,please wait of the moment, I will check his schedule.
Oke Mr Adi,,,Dr Agus are available on Monday and Wednesday.
P : What time are the schedule ?
N : In the morning at eight to twelve, in the afternoon at four to six o’clock.
P : Oke,, I wiil meet his on Monday about ten o’clock.
N : Oh yezz,,,,
P : Thank you for your information nurse,,
N : yes, your welcome.

In the next day on Sunday Mr. Adi come back to the Gombong International Hospital to meet Dr. Agus, but he confused find where the location of Dr. Agus room,,,,so he ask security in there to showing the Dr. Agus room.

P.Adi : Pardon me sir,,,Is you security in here ?
Scrty : Yes,,,you right. What can I do for you sir ?
P.Adi : Like this sir,,I’am very confused in here because this hospital is very big .
I will meet Dr. Agus, Could you tell me where the location of Dr. Agus room ?
Scrt : Oke sir,,don’t confuse,,,,
You can go along this way until you find the reception, then you turn left until you find the laboratory,, and Dr. Agus room there are in beside left laboratory.
P.Adi : Oke,,,thank u sir,,,
Scry : Your welcome…

After arrive the Dr. Agus room then Mr. Adi ask the body health problem to Dr. Agus…

P.Adi : Assmikum
Dr. Ags : Wasmikumslm, sit down please.
P.Adi : thanx u doc.,
Dr. Ags : What’s your name sir ?
P.Adi : My name is Adi Prasetyo
Dr. Ags : How can I address u sir ?
P.Adi : Please call me Adi.
Dr. Ags : Oke Mr. Adi, What can I do for you ?
P.Adi : Doc, help me. I have headhace.
Dr. Ags : Your head, hurts ?
P.Adi : Yes doc, After fall from motorcycle I felt my head is pain.
Dr.Ags : Would you show me the location of your pain ? is it in the part left or right ?
P. Adi : It’s In part left doc, is’n here…
Dr.Ags : Do you feel pain when you looking for right or left ?
P.Adi : Yes, I feel pain when I see the right and left, so what’s happen doc ?
Dr.Ags : I think you may have problem in your neck and your head.
Oke Mr. Adi ,,I think better you should take care in here for a few days, Now advisable u go to admission room to fill admission form.
P.Adi : Oke doc,,,I will go to there. Askum
Dr.Ags : Waskum…

After get advice from Dr.Agus to take care in hospital for a few days ,Then Mr.Adi go to admission room to fill admission form…,

( In admission room )

P.Adi : Asskum,,,
Nurse : Waskum, sit down please..
P.Adi : Thank you nurse,,,
Nurse : What can I do for you sir ?
P.Adi : Like this nurse, I get advise from Dr.Agus to take care in here for a few days, And I will fill the admission form,,,
Nurse : Owh yes ,,Pardon me sir, I need to ask you some questions to fill in the admission form,,,,are you ready ?
P.Adi : Sure, please !
Nurse : What’s your name sir ?
P.Adi : Adi Prasetyo
Nurse : Where do you live ?
P.Adi : I live in Puringfornia
Nurse : When were you born ?
P.Adi : I was born on 27 Oct 1990
Nurse : Do you have phone number sir ?
P.Adi : Yes I have, 087837848288
Nurse : Are you married ?
P.Adi : No I’m single

Nurse : What’s your father occupation >?
P.Adi : My father occupation is teacher
Nurse : What’s your religion sir ?
P.Adi : Yes,,I’am Moeslim
Nurse : What’s is your complaint ?
P.Adi : I have headhace.
Nurse : Do you have nearest relative
P.Adi : Yes, I have
Nurse : Who is he ?
P.Adi : He is Steven, my brother
Nurse : Any contact person in emergency case.
P.Adi : Yes, please you call my brother, thisi is his number 085291406006,
Nurse : Okey, thank you…,now you occupy in Mawar Merah ward.
P.Adi : Oke nurse,,,,

After finish fill the admission form then patient (Adi) be going into Mawar Merah ward to get nursing care..After he accupy this ward a short time later, the nurse come.

Nurse : Good morning sir,,,
P.Adi : Good morning nurse,,
Nurse : How are you sir ?
P.Adi : Not very well I think
Nurse : I’m nurse Adhan Hari Susanto, please call me adhan
Your name written here Adi Prasetyo
How can I address you ?
P.Adi : Please call me Adi
Nurse : I will take care of you today.
P.Adi : OK. Thank you.
Nurse : Now, I will meet Dr. Agus and take medical instrument to take care of you,
If you need anything please just press the call button, a nurse will help
you.,,see u ,…,.,,,!!@
P.Adi : See you.

After meet a patient Nurse adhan meet Dr. Agus to consultation nursing diagnose.

(in Dr. Agus room )
Nurse Adhan : Asskum
Dr.Agus : Walaikumslm
Nurse Adhan : There are new patient doc,
Dr.Agus : What’s his name.?
Nurse Adhan : Adi Prasetyo Doc,,he has complaint in his head.
Dr.Agus : Owh Adi Prasetyo, I have meet before it,,,I feel he have headhace.
Please take medical instrument and give he infusion and bandage,
Nurse Adhan : Ok ! doc. Thank u..
Dr.Agus : your welcome..

After the Nurse Adhan meet Dr. Agus he be going into Dr.instrument room to take medical instrument,,,,In the medical instrument room he meet Nurse Aan Fauzy. And then Nurse Aan help Nurse Adhan to prepare the thing which will used to take care patient adi.

( In the medical instrument room)

Nurse Adhan : Asskum
Nurse Aan : Wss
Nurse Adhan : Good Morning nurse Aan
Nurse Aan : Good morning, What can I do for you sir ?
Nurse Adhan : I need several medical instrument to take care patient in the Mawar
Merah ward
Nurse Aan : What’s your need nurse ?
Nurse Adhan : I need infusion, bandage, gypsum, and plaster,.

Nurse Aan : You need bandage, is he hurts ?
Nurse Adhan : Yes he have headhace and a bit hurts in part left his head.
Nurse Aan : Oke sir, Please wait of the moment, I will take things which will you
needs, .
Nurse Adhan : OK ! thank you nurse,
Nurse Aan : this is equipment it nurse…
Nurse Adhan : Yes thank you Nurse Aan,
Nurse Aan : Your welcome.

A few minutes later nurse Adhan back to Mawar Merah ward to take care patient Adi,,,

Nurse Adhan : Askum
P.Adi : Ws nurse
Nurse Adhan : excuse me sir,,,I will applied infusion and bandaged in your hurts.,,
Are u ready sir..?
P.Adi : Yes,,please ! be carefull nurse, I’m afraid.
Nurse Adhan : Okey,,,don’t wory,,, !
Ok ! sir, I have finish applyed it, not pain, is’n it ?
P.Adi : Owhhh yez , thank you nurse,
Nurse Adhan : Your welcome..

Then a few hours later nurse Aan come to Mawar Merah ward to replaced shif of Nurse Adhan,,,

Nurse Aan : Asskum
Nurse Adhan : Ws
Nurse Aan : How is condintion of patient now, nurse ?
Nurse Adhan : This condition of patient I feel better.
Nurse Aan : Alhamdulillah ,, So, what’s I do for patient now nurse ?
Nurse Adhan : Oke nurse, I have applied infusion and bandaged in his hurts, so now
you should measure blood pleasure,,
Nurse Aan : Oke I will do it, thank you nurse.
Nurse Adhan : Your welcome.

Oke this is Roleplay from our group, Thank’s for your attention, see u next time.
created by adi prasha

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